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Client Terms & Agreement

St. Bernard Pups

The seller certifies that each AKC puppy you purchase is in sound health at the time of sale to the best of my knowledge, and has been given 1st vaccinations, microchip and worming’s stated on the contract provided to the buyer(s). I do my best to provide the new owner with a healthy puppy. The buyer will become responsible for further vaccinations boosters and worming’s. If this puppy becomes sick or has a genetic default, the following stipulations must be adhered to in order for a replacement to be made. Official report from a licensed vet stating, without a doubt, the puppy has a genetic defect that would hinder the pup, must be sent to me along with a phone number of the vet’s office.

A second opinion will be done by seller to confirm the findings. Hip dysplasia is common on all large breed dogs. If the puppy purchased from us does have a genetic defect and proven by a Veterinarian, the warranty would consist of the buyer returning the puppy that has the genetic defect and we would replace the returned puppy with another puppy of the same value when another puppy would be available and agreed by both buyer and seller.

It is advised to not let your puppy jump from any distances where he or she can get injured due to the puppy’s soft bones until age 2 and older to help with the puppy not getting bone injuries or hip dysplasia. If your puppy injury’s itself that is not covered under the sellers warranty. We highly recommend for the buyer (s) to get pet insurance when you pick up your new puppy. It is also a MUST to ONLY feed your puppy Large Breed puppy food.

If the puppy should die, an autopsy must be done by a licensed vet stating the cause of death. The documentation must be forwarded to me before a determination will be made. The seller reserves the right to confirm the diagnosis with a vet of my choice. The seller will not be responsible for any expense you may incur and vet expenses.

This warranty applies only to the original buyer. Parasites are not covered under warranty as a puppy can pick these up over night in travel. Your puppy will be up to date on worming’s and should be wormed regularly as recommended by your vet.

We have raised this puppy from sound parents and it is your responsibility to take good care of him/her to ensure long healthy life. You may play an important role in helping your puppy grow into a healthy adult. If you are not able to keep this pup in the future and wish to return it to the seller, you may do so along with the paperwork provided by their seller at time of purchase.

You WILL NOT receive a refund for this pup.

Each deposit to hold a puppy is a nonrefundable deposit. The deposit can be moved to another litter but with our long waiting lists and costs, we can only offer the transfer of the deposit. Please make sure you do all your research about Saint Bernard’s to insure this is the right breed for you and your family. Always consult with your veterinarian for any and all questions.

St. Bernard

St. Bernard

St. Bernanrd

Our Mission

Our goal here is to produce the finest quality Saint Bernards. Temperament is of the utmost importance. We strive for correct health and structure, conforming to the AKC written standard. To nurture the Saint Bernard by raising our dogs in an enriched environment and to increase the health, intelligence, and emotional stability of the Saint Bernard dog. We will not participate in linebreeding or inbreeding practices but will outcrossing all of our Saint Bernards to preserve genetic diversity. We strive to produce puppies that are healthy, highly intelligent and mentally stable. We teach puppies social, interactive and basic obedience skills and they also start the potty training journey. This makes for a smooth transition for the new owners. Our AKC Saint Bernard puppies have been born into a loving home. Our Saint Bernard pups are our babies. We socialize them and they are loved so very much. When you meet us and our pups, you will see how we love and care for our babies.